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Gift Certificates

Present for your Mom.

Present for your Dad.

Present for your Sister or Brother.

Present for your Loved One.

We have been asked if we have Gift Certificates, and the answer is simple, YES!

Another question we get about our Gift Certificate is “What Services Qualify for our Certificates?”. Again the answer is simple, ALL of our Services in House.

What is “In House”?

In House means everything we do in House, in our Shop. The services we offer in house is:

Window Tint

Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra)

Vehicle Wraps/Decals/Vinyl Application


Graphic Design

Vehicle Detailing: Full, Interior, Exterior, Ceramic Coating, Paint Touch Up, Paint Correction, Aquapel Glass Treatment, Funky Odor Eliminator, Headlight Restoration, etc.

Wheel Repair

Glass Repair

And MORE!!

How to Purchase a Auto Trim DESIGN Gift Certificate

Swing by our shop: 990 S Lake. St. Neenah, WI. Someone there should be able to help with the Gift Certificate Process: We will need your name, the person who will be receiving the gift certificate's name, method of payment, Year/Make/Model of vehicle.

Our Gift Certificates are Tax Exempt, therefore the person redeeming the Gift Certificate will be responsible for State and Local taxes when Product or Services is provided.

How to Redeem an Auto Trim DESIGN Gift Certificate

  1. Make an Appointment at Auto Trim DESIGN by Phone or Stopping by the Shop.

  2. Bring Gift Certificate to Appointment upon Drop Off

  3. Gift Certificate will be applied to an invoice. the person redeeming the Gift Certificate will be responsible for State, Local taxes and Remaining Balance when Product or Services is provided.

Gift Certificate Police

The intent of a “Gift Certificate” is to provide a gift of equal value to the person named on the Subject Certificate. The Certificate is non-transferable. While the Certificate represents a cash value, Auto Trim DESIGN shall limit the actual cash “cash back” to 50% of the Certificate value. In other words, the Certificate must be redeemed for products and/or services that total at least 50% of the Certificate amount until a cash credit is Provided. Person redeeming the Gift Certificate is responsible for State and Local Tax when Product or Services is provided. Gift Certificate Expires five (5) years from Date of Issue.

What our Gift Certificate looks like

Here at Auto Trim DESIGN, we believe that everyone should have a great experience getting their vehicle worked on. That is why we want to share the love by offering a Gift Certificate, that way everyone can spread the love and have great experiences with us. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, why not treat yourself and your vehicle to look nice!

A. VanHaren & J. Thienel 


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