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window tinting.

3M Automotive Window Tinting

Professionally applied window film is the investment that improves your driving experience and overall comfort.  Window tint provides the style and solar protection that keeps you cooler and looking great in your car. Window tint comes in a variety of shades, we can help you choose the shade that is best for you and help you begin reaping these additional benefits:

  • Harmful UV Ray Protection

  • Furnishing and upholstery preservation

  • Reduced hot spots and glare

  • Improved comfort

  • Balanced climate

  • Reduced energy demands

  • Extended HVAC life

  • Increased privacy

  • Aesthetic enhancement

Automotive Window Tint Reduces Chances of Cancer

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drive  cooler

Window films offered are designed to reject up to 61% of total solar energy and reduce hot spots. Additionally, window film helps cut annoying glare on sunny days and blinding headlights at night.

protects interior

Much like sunscreen for your automobile, window tint rejects up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays.  Automotive window films shield leather, vinyl and fabric from premature discoloration & fading to protect your investment.

sun protection

Our line of films shield both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.  According to the American Acadamy of Dermatology, there is a direct link between more time spent driving a car and a higher incidence of left-handed skin cancers.

enhances appearance

With a wide variety of finishes and shades, our tint compliments any vehicle exterior. The darker you go, the more privacy you will have - but make sure you check your local window tint laws and adhere to them.

We enjoy taking the time to educate our customers on the differences between each film. No two films are made the same and it may be difficult to decide which film will best suit your needs.

Please stop down to our showroom and we will be glad to demonstrate the performance of each film and answer any other questions you have.

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