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Experience Where It Counts

Experience matters.

Your vehicle matters.

Experience in caring for your vehicle matters too. Sam Cotton is an experienced professional in caring for your investment at Auto Trim DESIGN. He is a certified professional and is experienced in Vehicle Wraps, Professional Automotive Detailing, and Paint Protection Film (PPF) application. Sam brings over seven (7) years of experience in caring for what matters when it comes to your vehicle.

Sam loves his work, and he especially likes the work environment at Auto Trim DESIGN; he feels he's treated like family. That's important to him. It's also important that he maintain a high degree of customer service. So he and the experienced team of professionals at Auto Trim DESIGN keep you, the customer, informed during a Vehicle Wrap or any one of the other automotive care and restyling services offered. "We like to keep our customer’s in the loop and let them know how a project is going.” Sam enjoys the look on customers' faces when they come to pick up their vehicle following the completion of a project. “When they walk into the shop and see how their vehicle has been transformed, "That's the surprise!" It’s really appealing to me to see a vehicle completely remade on the outside! After doing a full-color wrap change - “it’s eye-opening.”

Sam does it all. He brings a wealth of experience to every Auto Trim DESIGN project, whether it's Professional Automotive Detailing, Custom Vehicle Wraps, or Custom Vehicle Graphics. Sam holds 3M Certification in Paint Protection Application, and plans to continue his education and Certification as a 3M Wrap Application Technician. He is also a Certified Detail Technician and has attended and completed various training courses from Dr. Beasley’s and ECP, Inc.

Stop by and chat with Sam regarding your next project and see what the hype is about. Look no further than the skilled team at Auto Trim DESIGN


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