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Cruisin' into 2023: A Year of Car Show Adventures

Auto Trim DESIGN is full of car enthusiasts, where everyone enjoys going to car shows and showing their cars.

The First Car Show everyone was excited about was the Udderly Euro Car Show

- Neenah, WI

Top Twenty (20) + Best in Show

Auto Trim DESIGN's Jaime and Jordan Thienel, alongside Dynamic Detail's Damon Roberts with his 2006 VW Jetta TDI, made an indelible mark at the 2023 Udderly Euro Car Show, securing Top Twenty positions and clinching the prestigious Best in Show accolade. Jaime showcased an exquisite Outlaw Porsche 911, Jordan presented his whimsically themed Calvin and Hobbes Wrapped Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDi, and Damon wowed attendees with his meticulously crafted VDub.

Jordan & Damon's Cars

Jordan's vision of bringing his favorite comic strip characters, Calvin and Hobbes, to life culminated in the transformation of his personal Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDi. Eager to see his dream realized, he wasted no time in crafting a custom design, meticulously rendered onto vinyl wrap material before applying the graphics himself. Countless hours were devoted to perfecting the artwork, navigating through a process marked by trial and error until Jordan felt it was flawlessly executed. With the design finalized, it was entrusted to our Solvent based large format printer, which brought it to life, ready for application. However, amidst the bustling schedule at Auto Trim DESIGN, finding a suitable window for the application proved a bit challenging, a testament to the demand for our services. Yet, our gratitude extends to our loyal customers whose unwavering support fuels our passion. When a rare opportunity arose, Jordan seized it with enthusiasm, dedicating himself to the task at hand. Upon completing the transformation of his vehicle, Jordan went the extra mile, crafting playful Calvin and Hobbes themed decals to share with fellow enthusiasts and passersby, a gesture of camaraderie and joy that embodies the spirit of Auto Trim DESIGN.

Damon has put some good time into his 2006 VW Jetta TDI. Damon bought his car back in 2021 and has put a Big Cam/injectors/turbo, Front Air Cooler, Six (6) Speed Swap, and GLI Interior into it so far. He plans on upgrading his suspension along with working on the body to make it Perfect, in his mind! He plans on having fun with his Jetta and bringing it to car shows and to just have fun driving it around.

The Outlaw Porsche 911 stands as a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of David C. Treichel Auto Refinishing, meticulously crafted within the confines of Zero to Sixty Garage in Sherwood, WI.

Jaime's outstanding achievement culminated being awarded the highly coveted Best in Show title! As a result, the Outlaw Porsche 911 was granted the esteemed position of occupying the front and center spot among the Top Twenty vehicles at the conclusion of the show. Such recognition truly underscores the magnificence of this vehicle and the high level of work David C. Treichel Auto Refinishing and Auto Trim DESIGN stand for - how incredibly awesome is that?

It was a very nice turn out of people and vehicles. We hope to have a booth next year to join in on the fun some more! Stay tuned to find out if we have a booth and when and where the next Utterly Euro Car show will be.

The Second Car Show everyone was excited about was the Iola Car Show

- Iola, WI

Mike and Jordan were invited by Bring a Trailer to join them at the 2023 Iola Car show.

They decided to show the Outlaw Porsche 911. Mike and Jordan didn't get any awards at this car show, but they did enjoy their time looking at all the cars and walking threw the Swap Meet.

The Third Car Show everyone was excited about was the Twisted Pistons Car Show

- Menasha, WI

Every Year, Auto Trim DESIGN helps sponsors Twisted Pistons, and we also like to have at least one vehicle make it to the show. This year we entered “Disqualified”.

Disqualified is a Harley Motorcycle that was built as part of a 2016 Harley Davidson building competition in Madison, WI. Each builder had a $6,000 budget to work with to make a sick ride. Well, the builder of Disqualified Spent over $10,000. Making this bike "Disqualified" from this competition. 

A few years later, Mike came across this beautiful bike, and purchased it. Unsure what to name her, it wasn't until after Mike entered her into the Twisted Pistons were she unexpectedly got Best in Show and 1st place, receiving her first awards. So ironically, we all agreed on the name “Disqualified”, even though she now has two awards as of 2023!

With three car shows checked off of the car show list for 2023, it was a pretty successful one. All awards were 100% shockers. We entered just to enter for the love of car shows. But it is always a good feeling to bring some type of award home. We hope to see you all out there again for 2024.

Follow us on our Social Medias to see what car shows we will be at next!

A. VanHaren & J. Thienel

Car show information

Udderly Euro: You can find them on Facebook -

Twisted Pistons: You can find them on Facebook -

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